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Street food Tour of NaplesDuration: 3 hours (Approx)

What’s included:

  • Private guide
  • Food tasting

Not included:

  • Tickets

If you want discover the incredible flavours of Naples during your italian holidays this half day tour is probably the best choise. The tour's name is "Street food Tour" and its purpose is to lead you through the historical beauties and the culinary tradition of Naples.

Your journey start at 9 a.m. from "Piazza del Gesù" in the heart of the Naples historic center where you can begin to admire one of the most important gothic structure in the city as the famous Monastero di Santa Chiara, where there is the Borbone family's tomb, one of the most important families which reigned on Naples before the Italy's unification.

During this magic path you will accompanied by an expert guide who will answers to all your questions about the city history, neapolitan food traditions and more. Will be a tour among culture and taste. Your tasting will gives you the chance to taste the famous "Pizza a portafoglio", a typical Pizza Margherita folded in four, a typical wine of the Campania region with a famous dish as the "Caprese" with slices of mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes, the "Cuoppo", a cone with typical fried food like fried vegetables, the "arancino": rice croquette stuffed with a sauce of minced meat, tomato, and peas; potatoes croquette and "zeppole". Finally, the king and the queen of the neapolitan pastry tradition, infact, you'll choose between the rhum baba or the famous "sfogliatella" along with a taste of the famous limoncello liqueur, so to close with a moment of pure sweetness.

Obviously, as well as the many flavours that you will taste during the tour, you'll visit many monuments and historic point of interest of the city and don't worry, because you can know and understand all thanks your guide who will explain the important history of each one togheter with the natural beauties that you probably view during the tour and which make Naples unique and famous all over the world.

The tour end in "Piazza Dante" and the tour price for person is of 55 €. The tour will start with a minimum of 4 people.

Tour prices can vary according to your preferences, the payment must be made in cash at the end of the tour. For more information contact us »

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